There are 2 data sources that can be accessed through the sdk-ts:

  • The Injective chain itself through a sentry node,

  • The Indexer API (indexer of events from the Injective chain to a MongoDB),

For each of the data sources there are two ways that they can be queried:

  • using the gRPC protocol,

  • Using HTTP REST

We also have a GraphQL consumer of the Peggy subgraph on Ethereum (used only for tracking deposits and withdrawals on Ethereum).

For the 2 main data sources, there are abstraction classes that developers can use to access specific modules of the Injective Chain or specific modules within the Exchange API. The responses of these requests are always mapped into normal JavaScript objects (regardless of the data source type) and served to the end user.



Querying data from the chain

Querying data from the Indexer API

Streaming data from the Indexer API

Querying Ethereum via GraphQL

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