Building dApps

Injective is a Layer-1 blockchain built for finance. Injective offers developers out-of-the-box primitives for building decentralized financial applications in addition to an open and permissionless smart contracts layer providing advanced capabilities in building robust Web3 applications.

Injective is natively interoperable with several well-known blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Solana, and all IBC-enabled cosmos chains like CosmosHub, Osmosis, etc. The interoperability not only allows Injective to enable users to bridge assets from multiple chains but also allows for transferring arbitrary data - like oracle prices, etc.

Within this section we are going to explore configuring different UI frameworks to work with the @injectivelabs packages so you can start building decentralized applications on top of Injective. We are also going to showcase example (simple) dApps built on top of Injective.

Create Injective dApp CLI tool

The simplest way to start your journey on Injective is using our CLI tool. To do this, simply write this command and follow the instructions in your terminal!

$ npx @injectivelabs/create-injective-app



Configuring Nuxt 3.x + Vite

Configuring React 18 + Vite



Building a decentralized exchange on top of Injective

Building a simple bridge between Injective and Ethereum

Building a simple smart contract app on top of Injective

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