Injective Lists

We have moved the on-chain denoms token metadata to the injective-list repository. This repository will aggregate data from several sources and produce a comprehensive token metadata master list.

Here is an example of how to integrate injective-list with the TokenFactoryStatic class:

  1. Download the injective list json file from github:

  2. Use the TokenFactoryStatic class from the sdk-ts package

import {
} from '@injectivelabs/sdk-ts'
import { tokens } from '../data/tokens.json' // json file downloaded from step 1

export const tokenFactoryStatic = new TokenFactoryStatic(
  tokens as TokenStatic[],

// After instantiating, we can start using it in our dApp
const denom = 'peggy0x...'
const token = tokenFactoryStatic.toToken(denom)


There are few edge cases that we have to consider while using the TokenFactory:

  • If you are trying to query token metadata for a denom that doesn't exist in the list of tokens the TokenFactory will return undefined. If so, you should follow our CONTRIBUTION guide to add the token metadata information in the package.

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